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24 avril 2014

Gene responsible about KNP identified

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Ten years ago, the KNP research group was created between ANTAGENE, CNRS, Drs Guagère and Bensignor and SADB.

The gene responsible for plantar keradotermia ( with pads ) , has been identified by the team of CNRS Rennes  ! Antagene worked to develop the test.

SADB congratulates the team, with whom she enjoyed cooperation and thanks all owners and breeders who have allowed these advances by accepting the samples required on their dogs.

Following the discovery of the mutated gene , we can now confirm that this disease (4 feet hyperkeratosis pads) is a monogenic disease ( one gene involved ) , autosomal ( not sex-linked ) recessive (parents must be both carriers)

However, it will pay attention to the case having only one finger / pad thickened ... because the few cases tested are actually free.... that implys other factors (probably environmental) can produce a thickening pad (this is the same case for some keratoderma in humans ) .


Testing for plantar hyperkeratosis is available at :