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11 December 2013

Help the research !

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Genetic researches on the Dogue de Bordeaux’ Health at the CNRS Rennes

We have several projects for which we need Dogue de Bordeaux:

1- Footpads hyperkeratosis: Thickening of the pads with cracks, sometimes with lameness and pain. Symptoms appear in 6 months old puppies. In this project, we are looking for affected dogs and for over 2 years old unaffected dogs.

2- Hip dysplasia: We are looking for dogs with A, D or E hip dysplasia grade.

3- Lymphoma: If a lymphoma is diagnosed by your veterinary, could you contact us? We are working on the genetic bases of this cancer.

We also need:

4- Blood samples of old dogs, (9 years old or more) with no health issues. They will be used as controls in our different studies.

5- Information about Nephropathy and Epilepsy in the breed (affected dogs, related individuals to affected dogs…)

If you want to participate in one of these projects, can you send us:

- One blood sample of your dog (4 ml in EDTA tube)

- A copy of the dog’s pedigree and pictures of the nose and pads.

- The full clinical questionnaire (To download on our website:

The final objectives of these works are to develop genetic tests for each disease to help breeders and veterinaries.

No individual results are given because researches are ongoing. Samples are anonymously recorded in our biobank CaniDNA.

If you have any questions, you can join us on our facebook (Equipe Génétique du Chien-CNRS/Université de Rennes1), by email ( or on our website (
Thanks for you help

The Canine Genetics Team