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19 January 2013

SADB Charter for Breeders

The SADB wishes to highlight, through this charter, the will of its breeders to enroll in a process of producing quality puppies.

The Ethical Charter of the breeder is primarily designed to highlight the responsibility of each and the means he uses to carry them out.

Bonds of the breeders

They must be a member of SADB for at least two years, regularly update their contribution. In case of a conjoint affix, both of them must be members of the Club.

Canine spirit

• Comply with all regulations of the canine French (especially not having surgery to correct a defect or embellish the appearance of the dog. Do not use cosmetics, devices, implants in order to change its appearance. Do not use performance-enhancing drugs either in an attempt to improve their physical performance or to develop muscle mass);

• Do not be part of a Canine Association not recognized by the SCC;

• Be in good standing with the various authorities concerned;

• Accept the unexpected visit of the farm by a person authorized by the Committee;

• Respect the organizers and judgments in Dog Shows;

• Have the right attitude and courteous in all events and on the web;

• Be involved in the SADB protocol of fight against genetic defects, that is to say taking into account the recommendations made by the breeding club and practice of matings. Whenever possible, follow the recommendations for cardiac screening.

• Do not buy puppies for resale;

• Do not sell puppies to intermediates, farms, pet shops...

• Ensure that the purchaser of the puppy knows what he undertakes, and that he shows the profile of a good dog handler (guide available).

• Return to the purchaser all documents required.

Respect of the dog

• To raise, maintain and feed all the dogs breeding in correct conditions of hygiene and sanitation

• No Vary-kennel or similar can be used as a permanent kennel.

• In the case of using an outside stud dog (French or foreign), make sure that :

  • he has been officially x-rayed HD and ED (ED since 01/04/2013),
  • he has been officially HFH-B tested
  • he is registered in a book of origins recognized by FCI (or one of its partners contracts).

• Vaccinations for all the breeding dogs and the puppies age to be, do not forget to visit the veterinarian once a year.

• Do not mate bitches under 18 months old.

• Do not mate a dog in bad condition

• Do not reproduce consecutively three times with the same female (one cycle of 6 months between periods of heat)


To transmit the coordinates to all purchasers of puppies to the club, (unless express objection the purchaser) and promote adherence to the SADB;

• Report to the club the pups which do not conform to the expected standard (accurate identification + pattern);

• Inform the club in case of occurrence of defects;

• Inform the SADB about the causes of death of dogs and puppies for statistical and research durability.

In case of breach of commitments on the part of the breeders, the Committee of SADB will decide of the necessity of removing them from the list of Breeders.

The Club has only an informative role, the Committee doesn’t accept any responsibility for any problem arising between breeders and buyers of their puppies.

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